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This Weeks News

It’s been a quiet week at Phono-synthesis this week. I’ve been a little tied up with university as deadlines seem to come thick and fast. The UK government announced a further three week  extension to the country’s lockdown measures. So, I shouldn’t be worried about work… it seems like I’ll have plenty of time! In all seriousness, we need to be as vigilant as ever to keep vulnerable people safe. The more vigilant we are, the speedier our release from quarantine will be. 

We’ve seen an explosion in live streaming, as musicians and entertainers are trying to adjust to the circumstances that COVID-19 has created. Events like “The Big Night In” courtesy of BBC Radio One have equally drawn praise and scrutiny amongst many of the efforts to provide the British Public with entertaining content in such strange times. We’re living in times of change, a degree of change we will have to adapt to in the coming weeks and months. So, stay safe out there, wash your hands and most importantly stay home.        

Track of the Week

girl in red – “midnight love”

“A grungy and dissonant journey, beautifully narrated by a true storyteller. Lyrically evocative and mystical, conjuring up magical images that capture the essence of what it means to be at the mercy of your saviour.”  

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