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Boris has told us all to stay inside, everyone needs a valid reason to leave their house in the form of work, exercise or shopping. So if you see Mrs Gibson going for her second walk of the day make sure you snitch on her! You can face up to one year in jail if you cough on a member of the local constabulary, so make sure you treat the local pigs with a little more respect… We should probably start by not calling them pigs! In all seriousness, the public services in the UK have been doing a great job at caring for the British Public in such strange times. 

The UK came out in force on Thursday, to make some noise for the NHS workers on the front line in the war against COVID-19. Obviously, Boris wasn’t happy! Tonnes of new music surfaced this week, from a new THEPARTYNEXTDOOR album to a brand new release from Pearl Jam. There’s truly something for everyone, so stay inside! Drink your tea, admire your pyramid of stockpiled toilet roll, and remember to keep an eye on Mrs Gibson. Have a great weekend, and wash your hands!             

Track of the Week

Skepta, Chip and Young Adz – “Golden Brown”

“North meets South in this collaborative effort, Tottenham MC’s Skepta and Chip team up with Lewisham based artist Young Adz to provide us with one of the most intriguing projects of the week, a new unorthodox approach from the grime pioneers and a different side to London’s signature sound, a successful experiment providing us with effortless chemistry.”

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