After recent release of “Must Be” fans are hoping a new album is in the works for J HUS

After an appearance with Drake at his London show, a viral “Daily Duppy” on GRM Daily and a surprise new single titled “Must Be” which trended at number one just a day after its release, fans are overjoyed to see J Hus back in the booth.“Must Be” is J Hus’ first release since being released from prison earlier this year. After being arrested for possession of a knife near Westfields shopping centre, the Stratford born rapper issued a heartfelt statement to fans and anyone who may have felt the repercussions of his actions.

“I sincerely apologise to anyone I’ve intentionally and unintentionally hurt or done harm to. Please forgive me. I was probably at a stage where I didn’t know myself. Everyday I look back at my history and feel regret.”

Some fans are speculating that his surprise appearance with Drake occurred the very day that J Hus was released from his prison sentence.

An emotional night for J Hus and Drake

After crashing back into his work one things for certain keep your eyes peeled a new album could be lurking.