Rating: 4 out of 5.

Euphoria and debauchery

Cigarettes After Sex deliver a stylistically similar sophomore album. Dreamy soundscapes accompany Greg Gonzalez’s androgynous and ambiguous whispers for forty minutes of blissful euphoria and debauchery.

Despite it’s glaring similarity to the bands previous self titled debut, It’s still a great album offering beautifully crafted songs; a heavily sweet and intimate sonic experience.

There was a hentai video that I saw, I told you about the night that we first made love, There was a hentai video that I saw,

Cigarettes After Sex lyrics from “Hentai”

The only issues I have with this recent release are based round the bands lyrical content. We had a fair share of sexually explicit commentary from Greg Gonzalez in previous releases however, this appears to be the most ambitious attempt so far. The oversharing can be intimate and sweet at times but at others it has the potency to make audiences cringe.

Although Gonzalez appears to possess the mind and lusting of Lucifer himself at times, his voice is far more reminiscent of an angel, Cigarettes After Sex provide us with a beautifully sweet and intimate sound.