“Everything I Wanted” and More

Marking Billie’s first release since her debut album, “Everything I Wanted” has exploded onto the internet. Since her studio debut Billie has been extremely busy, performing at a variety of festivals like Coachella, appearing on American television as a musical guest and working on new creative material for her sophomore album. 

The new song is an eerie and haunting representation of a traumatising dream the young artist had, and a testament to her brother Finneas.

So I stepped off the Golden

Billie Eillish

The track deals with heavy themes of suicide, a very topical and contemporary issue affecting America’s youth. Billie stated that in her dream she died after jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, she went into further detail suggesting that no one cared about her suicide. Only Billie’s brother Finneas was able to support her which is what inspired her to write the song.