Rating: 5 out of 5.

Caramel – a fresh blast of psychedelia

An exceptional night exhibited by groovy, funky headliners The Yellow Bellies. A dash of indie rock with a little flare of James Brown to create an exceptional brand of funkadelia!

Openers Caramel set the precedent for the evening; a fiery and fierce psychedelic adventure. Followed shortly by World News; a wormhole into the realms of post punk new wave reverberations and Bedroom/Boredom edgier indie rockers.

The Main Event

Then came the moment the audience where waiting for. The Yellow Bellies jumped on stage with their unique blend of funk, hip hop and indie rock. The band held rhythmically solid foundation providing freedom for exploratory baselines to crawl effortlessly through the venue.

Reilly Sams boisterous yet sensitive persona was communicated beautifully through well crafted songs, lyrically traversing through cultural and social themes. A well rehearsed and emotionally charged performance with youth and exuberance in addition to wiser and slower numbers that reflected an air of age and maturity.