“Anyone who still believes that grime is just about drugs and street crime needs to hear this!”

December offers a window into the life and struggles of an extremely capable and authentic artist. Bugzy Malone returns to a more traditional sound and inspiration. Offering a more mature and commercial take on grime and British rap, Bugzy delivers a soulful self-analysis of his psyche and mental state.

Bugzy Malone – December

The twenty-nine year old rapper previously delved into the haunting memories of his previously criminal life on EP Facing Time, released 2016. However, the new single December offers a much more retrospective look at his life; struggles with fame and escaping an outlaw past.

December as a single, showcases the inner turmoil that many artists face when they come to terms with fame. The gritty reality of what it means to have escaped a previous life and stand triumphant in the light of another. Bugzy Malone delivers a confession; a beautiful eulogy to previous experience and attitudes.  

I’ve done well for an ex-gang member

Bugzy Malone

After exploding unexpectedly into the mainstream in 2015, Bugzy has featured in Guy Ritchie’s “The Gentlemen ” and made a career move towards acting in more recent years.

Fans eagerly anticipate a return to music after his recent foray into acting. After announcements issued he will be appearing at Sundown Festival during the summer, fans are excited to see what Bugzy Malone has planned for the summer.