That’s right I shaved a Mohawk into my hair… Lockdown is having an adverse effect on me and we can safely say this would not have happened if I wasn’t bored out of my mind! Nevertheless here we are with a little less hair and a lot more fun. The Clash’s self titled album, released 1977 on this very day 43 years ago, was one of the most prolific punk albums to ever emerge, so why not join me in celebration and shave those Mohawks… today would be the best time!

So Why Shave Your Head?

Well other than the intense boredom of sitting inside, I don’t have an answer for you to be honest. It’s quite amusing and I thought I’d put my neckline on the line… quite literally for anyone interested! Couple this with the fact lots of men have decided to shave their head during lockdown… I think I’ve gone one step further and done something incredibly stupid… which is always fun! We’ve featured a lot of gloomy subjects on this blog recently and I wanted to do something fun… so here we are!

Let’s Take a Look Back…

The Clash were one of those few bands that started to blend the genre of punk music with other popular genres at the time, and acted as a precursor to what we could consider new wave music. Most notably the Clash infused reggae and ska with punk to create an interesting and groundbreaking blend of genres, even collaborating with dub reggae producer Lee Scratch Perry in the studio.

I don’t think anyone can argue with the influence the Clash have had, or will continue to have on music in all forms. Two of the members Paul Simmonon and Mick Jones continue to perform in a multitude of different projects, most notably with Gorillaz, Damon Allbarn’s animated musical experiment.

 So, everyone should kick back, listen to the clash, wash their hands and if you’re really bored… shave that Mohawk!

I’m far more dangerous now, because I don’t care at all.

Joe Strummer