Phoebe Bridgers, thank you! Due to lockdown, social distancing and all manner of science fictiony medical terms we have come to understand in recent months, television has become increasingly strange. As producers battle with the circumstances to create great content unabashed by the recent restrictions. We as viewers have seen some very interesting developments… perhaps Phoebe’s new addition to these, is quite possibly the strangest so far!

Live with Jimmy Kimmel, has been one of the shows affected. Having to film the majority of the show in different locations as a pose to a singular studio space, has presented a hurdle. Which musical guests, show producers and the host himself have all had to jump through.

Phoebe Bridgers’ Debut Performance of “Kyoto” was Still a Roaring Success! Here’s why…

The inventive use of the bathroom as a studio space seemed pretty clever… with regards to reverb and other structural effects you may find in the lavatory, it’s quite a good idea! A more than comfortable Phoebe Bridgers appeared on screen sitting in her bathtub wrapped in pyjamas and duvet, which was already wholesome to say the least! However, what I really loved about this performance was the use of, for lack of a better word, ‘comical’ props… banded together to actually perform the song! A children’s toy microphone chaotically wrapped around a mic stand with duct tape and an old analogue synth pad with a drum machine, were all that were used to perform the song. No band, no real amplification… but it was still a really enjoyable performance! And above all it made me smile! It’s good not to take everything so seriously just take a look for yourself…     

Taking Isolation style to a new level by appearing on national TV in your pyjamas. I mean come on! This is a huge contrast to the efforts artists like the weeknd have gone to for promotional TV coverage, and truth be told it’s just as effective!  Above all this performance made me feel a warm sense of collectivity… we are all in this situation together, I’ve said it countless times on this blog, but moments like this capture exactly how unashamedly human we all are. Whether you’re a musician performing in your pyjamas or an accountant writing reports in your dressing gown, this video is synonymous with everyone right now.

So thanks again Phoebe Bridgers… you made me smile 🙂

Here is the original studio version just in case you wanted to hear the new song in a more traditional vein… although I don’t what more you could want from that performance!

A Side Note to This Post

I also hope head and shoulders are gonna sort Phoebe out for her promotional services… She really sorted the guys at Proctor and Gamble out with this one!  

At least I think that’s Head and Shoulders, comment down below if you think you know what brand that is. I’m not one hundred per cent sure…